SISS Data Services sources bank data by partnering with Banks and Financial Institutions to provide data directly from their banking systems, not via screen scraping. With the security of a contract with each financial institution, SISS is able to deliver the most accurate, reliable and secure bank data feeds possible.

Bank data is received daily. Our automated software checks the data for completeness, accuracy and each bank account is reconciled. Any discrepancies are resolved by our team before data is released.

Accessing our system is via an API, where our customers can create a new data feed, check the status of data feeds and access their bank data.

Before access can be provided, commercial agreements must be entered into with SISS by the Vendor. Once this is done, the Vendor will be issued with credentials that provide access to a test environment.

Once the Vendor is confident their updated product offering is behaving as required (i.e. it has passed development and staging testing), then plans will be discussed to establish a formal ‘go-live’ date.

Appropriate credentials and endpoint details are issued for the production environment.

Create Client and Data Feed
Via our API you can add a new client (your customer) and the bank account details for the client. The API will provide you with either instructions for the Bank account holder to authorise the data feed online or a populated PDF form for the account holder to sign & send to SISS. 

Check the status of each bank feed
SISS monitors the status of bank data (processing, approved or rejected) via our API, so you can keep your customers up to date with the progress of their data feeds. 

Get the Data
Our reconciled bank data is made available for you to download each day.

We take security of client data very seriously.

Our system uses the latest web and database technology and data encryption methods to secure information. All our systems and databases are securely located behind hardware firewalls.

Only authorised accountants/advisers can access information stored with SISS Data Services via secure online login. 

To enable us to provide accountants/advisers with access to data, we ask for the client's/super fund's written permission (which complies with the Privacy Act). The accountants/advisers will provide clients with the required forms to sign and send back to us in confidence.



SISS Enterprise provides a solution for customers wanting their own scalable, customised and independent data feed solution.

The SISS Enterprise solution is designed for customers that require:

  • a customised and scalable data feed solution to suit their business model.
  • an independent data feed channel from each bank and financial institution.
  • an option to bring data feeds in-house in the future.

SISS Consultancy provides a solution for customers who have their own data feeds, to outsource the management and administration to SISS, the bank data experts.

Leverage the experience of our data feeds experts to improve your data feeds. SISS has relationships with all major banks and financial institutions. We get the data feeds you need.



Access bank data feeds via our API, quickly.

SISS Connect is designed for quick and easy access to bank feeds from all major Australian banks and financial institutions. Via our API you can create a new bank data feed, request the authority, check the status of an account and get bank data. It's that simple.




The major benefits you will enjoy from this service:

  • Reduction in manual data entry
  • Improves accuracy in transaction processing and matching
  • Improves in workflow
  • Provides pro-active compliance and tax planning opportunities
  • Compliments BGL's Contract Note and Registry Data Services


SISS Data Services has partnered with over thirty banks and other financial institutions across Australia to provide wholesale, cost effective and tailored data feeds to multiple platforms.

We are always adding new institutions to our data feed list. Please contact us if you would like to know more about connecting to our platform.


SISS Data Services (SDS) is a software company specialising in data feed solutions for the accounting, financial services and property management industry. SDS is a private, independently owned and operated company based in Australia. We employ our own Australian-based in-house developers and we use the latest technology from Intersystems to build secure, robust and scalable software solutions. For performance and security, we choose to host our application at one of Australia's leading managed Cloud Hosting Services, BulletProof. BulletProof provides mission-critical hosting for some of Australia largest companies and Government offices. The Directors and management team at SDS have formal qualifications in accounting and financial planning with several years of experience in the provision of financial data services.


Grant Augustin

Managing Director
Grant started his professional career as a Technical Superannuation Specialist and subsequently led a large number of administration teams. Following on from there, Grant served as the principal of a financial planning firm. On the basis of his vast professional experience from a decade in Superannuation with firms such as BT Funds Management and supported by his qualifications in Financial Planning and Accounting, Grant co-founded the company. As the Managing Director for SISS Data Services Pty Ltd, Grant is driving the further development and business success of the SISS solution.

Gretchen Alt-Cooper

Senior Superannuation Specialist & Consultant
Gretchen is a Professional National Accountant, Certified Financial Planner and SPAA Specialist Adviser who has, since 1981, specialised in the administration and operations of superannuation funds of small and medium sizes, ranging from SMSFs to small industry funds of 20,000 members. Her role has frequently involved working closely with leading software packages currently in use by large and small superannuation administrators. Gretchen is a co-founder of the company and holds the responsible position of Senior Superannuation Specialist and Consultant for SISS Data Services Pty Ltd.


Kelly Hanigan

Data Manager
With a background in accounting, Kelly has worked for large-scale commercial organisations including Spotless, Aristocrat Technologies & Pacific National. Wanting to further her horizons in the wider accounting field, Kelly joined SISS Data Services as an Account Manager. Her interest in the reliability of information used by accountants led her to take on the role of Data Manager to ensure the quality and integrity of information provided to accountants.

Viviane Jadoski

Account Manager
Viviane started her professional journey in the financial industry as a Tax and Superannuation specialist and became a financial planner. Following on from there, Viviane’s interest in the software industry has grown and continues to grow as she became an Account Manager with the SISS Data Services team, allowing her to combine this new found interest with her passion for excellent customer service.


Project Manager

Alexis Potts

Client Services


Senior Software Developer


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