About SISS Data Services

Founded in 2011 SISS Data Services (SDS) is Australia’s leading independent Open Banking platform.

The SDS platform provides banks and other financial institutions with a secure and consent-driven Rest API solution to securely share customer data. For FinTechs, we have made the process of accessing customer data simple and secure via our single Rest API which provides you with access to data from over 20 banks.

The SDS Data sharing journey started in 2011, with the signing of direct data feed sharing agreements with all major Australian Banks, which we now call Open Banking.

Since 2009, we have partnered with banks and FinTechs to evolve the SDS platform to meet the changes in data security, privacy, consent, third party (Data Recipient) accreditation and data management and have successfully found the right balance between strong data security and managing the risks associated with data sharing.

We believe that the safe, secure sharing of consented Data will drive the next generation of innovation.

Number of Data Feeds
Number of People using our Data Feeds


Used by everyone from global FinTechs through to local startups, our API drives the next generation of innovation. We focus on reliable and reconciled (daily) data feeds so you don’t have to.

Consent is key

We believe that the sharing of data starts with secure and clear consumer consent and data should only be used for an approved purpose.

Partner with experience

For banks, we understand the importance of securely sharing customer data, and the associated costs and risks. We have connected to, and shared data from several banks and understand the opportunity, risks and complexity of sharing data.

Trust is essential

Trust is an essential part of success and SISS Data Services has been trusted by Australia's largest banks and financial institutions to share data for over 250,000 accounts representing over 300,000 Australians.

Speed to market

We understand that speed to market is important for your success, so we have onboarded more FinTechs than any other platform in Australia.