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Comply and compete

Since 2020, most banks have been required to share their product data in accordance with the Consumer Data Right (CDR), commonly known as ‘open banking’. SISS Data Services offers banks and other data holders a platform to easily create, manage and publish product reference data to a hosted and managed API.  Sharing product reference data is not only about complying with the CDR; it is about showcasing bank products to attract new customers.

Product Reference Data

The Consumer Data Right (CDR) requires Banks to make their Product Reference Data (PRD) available via a public API for FinTechs and others to access.

Create your Product Reference Data online then publish direct to our hosted and managed API.

Our user interface is intuitive and designed to empower your product, legal and marketing teams to create great products.

Key Features

Our solution is designed to be operated by your product, marketing and legal teams, not your IT and development teams. We understand the cost and impact of implementing new systems, which is why our service is a cloud-based API, managed by us.

Online Product Designer

Create, manage and publish your product data online.

No Development

Our Product Reference Data API is hosted and managed by us and does not require integration or rely on your core banking system.

Fixed Monthly Costs

Manage your costs with our all-inclusive, fixed monthly fee with no hidden surprises.

Customer Support
24 x 7 x 365

Your API must be available 24/7, so you can rely on our level 1, 2, & 3 support all year-round to keep you going.

Complies With CDR

High availability, security and data specifications meet all Consumer Data Right requirements to ensure you are fully compliant.

Product Reference Data API

Step 1

Create your product data

Step 2

Publish your product data

Step 3

SISS Data services fully manages the API

Why Use SISS Data Sevices ?

Experience contracting with banks

Contracting with banks is not easy. Each time a bank adds a new supplier it introduces new risk. Ensuring an Open Banking platform or supplier has adequate levels of insurance, systems and controls in important. SISS Data Services has met the initial and ongoing supplier assessments for over 20 banks since 2009.

Trusted Advisers

8 out of the top 10 banks in Australia share data with SISS Data Services. We understand the opportunity, risks and costs of banks complying with Open Banking, and as Australia’s largest and most experience Open Banking intermediary, our experience is what sets us apart.

Partner risk

Open Banking can be risky business. Your Open Banking platform becomes an extension of the bank, and therefore if the platform fails, you fail. When selecting the best platform, you need to assess the supplier's viability, risk and the impact on your business if they cease to exist. With over 10 years’ experience, SISS Data Services has proven track record and a long-standing partnership with Australian banks such as Commonwealth, NAB, Westpac and ANZ.

CapEx vs OpEx

Accessing funding to buy or build your Open Banking systems is both difficult and expensive. Our Open Banking platform is a monthly subscription with no upfront fee for licencing.

Our Cost

Our Product Reference Data solution is available at an all-inclusive, fixed monthly fee, with no long-term contracts and no hidden fees.

Establishment Fee

$7,500 +GST

Product Reference Data API

$3,000 +GST

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